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People want to know the story behind a business. On this page we will detail our company history and describe what makes us the best meat processing company in the area.

Our History

Hampton Meat Processing  is owned by Connie McKinney O'Daniel.  My family, Tony O'Daniel, Brandon & Ali McKinney, Dillon McKinney, and Jamie O'Daniel all help with the day to day operations. It is truly a "family owned business".  We bought the business in 1997 from Dave Hampton. He and his father and grandfather operated the slaughter house for many years in the Birchwood/ Georgetown area off of highway 58. In 1996 Dave moved the business to Decatur, TN.  In 1997, Dave suffered a family tragedy and we bought the meat market from him.  Within the first year, we became USDA inspected so we could sell meat.

Our Service

We have one of only a few USDA Inspected plants in this area.  Our standards must be higher and everything must be cleaner than a plant that is custom only.  Customers tell us repeatedly that this is the cleanest slaughter house they've ever been in.  We make sure that you get your meat and all of it.  We prepare your order as if it were our own.  We are complemented often for this work ethic.  We strive to bring you the best in quality service, and if something isn't right, please let us know.  We make appointments Mon-Thur and typically are booked for 1-3 months in advance.